Work from home tips - small steps in the right direction

Tips for a harmonized work from home experience

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Work from Home – Small steps in Right Direction

1. Try to get in Work Routine

It makes it easier to follow a daily routine. It will also help to maintain Work life Balance. Dress up as you would go to office, dedicate a space in the house that you would use as office space. Spend the same amount of time working as you would do in the office. Try to define boundaries in terms of working hours, agree with your manager upfront and have a discussion around flexibility.

2. Take 15 mins break after every 2 hours

It is very important to take breaks for at least 15 minutes after every 2 hours, get up from your office space, look outside at trees, garden, or plants as it would allow you to de- stress and relax.

3. Meditate at least for 15 mins every morning

Starting your day with Meditation will help you calm down and bring a lot of positive energy that would last throughout the day. Choose a video on YouTube that you can relate to for meditation and play the guided mediation video especially if you are a beginner.

4. Do any form of physical activity for at least for 30 mins

During the day spend at least 30 mins to do any form of physical activity. Choose anything that resonates with you. It can be dancing, Zumba, Skipping, Playing with Kids, Running, Walking. It is more important to focus on something that you love to do apart from work.

Food for Thought:

  1. Give yourself Priority. If you are fine, work and everything else will be fine

  2. It is fine, if you don’t do the same activity every day, bring change and do different activities

  3. Love yourself and talk to yourself about how you feel

  4. Treat your colleagues and subordinates with same Empathy as you would expect them to do to you (remember they are also working from home)

Courtesy – Dr Shubhangi Jadhav  - Workspace Spirituality

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