SAFY - Double-Burner Gas Stove (Tempered Glass Top)

SAFY - Double-Burner Gas Stove (Tempered Glass Top)

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- Tempered glass top

- Auto electronic ignition

- Including bullnose regulator and hose kit (for 9kg gas cylinders and upwards)

- Type of gas: Propane/Butane mixture (LPG)

- Operating pressure: 2.8kPa

- Nominal usage: 233 grams per hour (per burner)

- Nominal heat input: 3.2kW (per burner)


Dimension: 730 x 410 x 120mm


Caution: Accessible parts may be very hot, keep children away from the appliance.


What's in the box

1 x Tempered Glass Gas Stove (1 x Bullnose Regulator and Hose Kit Included)