Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

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-The vacuum sealer machine extends the life of foods by removing most of the air from sealed containers and prevents fresh air from escaping into the sealed containers,
-Thereby reducing oxidation and helps preserve flavor and overall quality.
-One-touch food vacuum sealer machine operation and easy to use, Open automatic food sealer saver and put the bag into the vacuum chamber,
-When the red light tums green again sealing is completed and ensure your safety.
- The food machine with one touch you can seal only or vacuum and seal your bags.
-The vacuum sealer for food supports a 2-in-1 function combined with vacuum and sealing for dry & moist food.
-This professional-level food vacuum sealer machine for food preservation lets you choose the intensity of your vacuuming and options to deal with dry and moist foods.
- Food sealer machines- A must-have assistant for life & kitchen.

-One-button smart vacuum, large suction, strong seal
- No need to start the vacuum pump, you can use the single sealing function to reduce power consumption
- Built-in NTC intelligent temperature control system, automatically controls the sealing time, improves work efficiency, and reduces energy consumption
-With overheating protection function to protect the machine from high-temperature damage
-Easy to operate, can be connected to the exhaust pipe, suitable for various vacuum fresh-keeping tanks, clothing storage, etc., convenient for the daily storage

-Material: ABS
-Voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60HZ
-Working pressure: -60Kpa
-Rated power: 90W
-Maximum tightness: 28MM

What's in the box
- 1 X Portable Electric Food Vacuum Sealer Machine -Q-Z100