Mini UPS 9800Mah
Mini UPS 9800Mah
Mini UPS 9800Mah

Mini UPS 9800Mah

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The Q-UP800 MUPS17W9.8AH is a compact DC-to-DC Micro UPS with USB, PoE and DC output

options, ideal for providing backup power to Cameras, Huawei routers and other 12V devices.

The Q-UP800 MUPS17W9.8AH model offers passive PoE output additionally, ideal to keep your

Wireless CPE or Router (such as MikroTik or Ubiquiti products) going during a power outage.

Simply run an Ethernet cable directly from the Micro UPS to your CPE/Router to power it up. The

USB port provides 5V output, allowing you to charge devices such as a Cellphone.

The QUP-800 Micro UPS devices do not suffer from major efficiency loss unlike traditional UPS's,

which converts power from 12V batteries to 220V AC output. Instead, the QUP-800 Micro UPS

series provides DC to-DC power output with much higher efficiency, resulting in longer run times,

for a typical home network configuration of one Wi-Fi router and one Fibre optic router can be

powered for as long as 4 to 8 hours.

The QUP-800 Micro UPS remains in-line between your device and the power source regulating the

incoming power to prevent damage to your sensitive electronic equipment. In the event of a power

outage or load shedding switchover to the Micro UPS backup power is automatic and


The Q-UP800 Features Li-ion battery 9800mah

Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability.

Auto-Start when plugged in.

Manual Power off switch.

Overload and Short Circuit Protection.

Over- charge and over-discharge protection.

User friendly multi-led status indicators.

Allows to set output voltage – 9v/12v DC via switch

5v USB/DC output

POE Port 15v/24v selectable

Suitable for Router ,Modem, Mobile Phone , CCTV etc.