Car Parking Sensor with LCD

Car Parking Sensor with LCD

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Car Parking Sensor System with LCD Distance Display and Voice Warning. Easy to install in your car, youll be parking in all confidence time after time.

This complete car kit will make reverse maneuvering safe and easy and warn you if obstacles are behind your vehicle. Coming with 4 sensors which utilize cutting-edge ultrasonic detection technology, you will be notified of the distance to an obstacle or the wall when backing up by voice prompts and the LCD screen will display the exact distance as well. Best of all, this kit can be installed in almost every car model!

Backing up in tight spots isnt easy and with the help of only your rearview mirrors it can be extremely tricky. But thanks to this easy to install sensor kit you will be parking with confidence time after time. Automatically engaging when putting the car in reverse, the sensors will sense distance between 1.5 meters and 0.3 meters and once close than 0.3 meters, audible and visible warnings will alert you to stop the car. Coming with everything you need to install this kit in your car such as cables a drill bit and more, installation can be completed in no time. This is the ideal safety device for backing up, parallel parking, garage parking, and parking in tight areas where the risk of damaging your car is much higher.

Why would you risk damaging your car from unseen hazards when you can easily protect yourself with this safety kit

- Order the Car Parking Sensor System today and we guarantee to ship it out within one working day! Brought to you by the leaders in wholesale electronics, Cybotech!

At a Glance...

- 4 Sensors

- LCD Screen with Distance Display

- Easy to Install

- Works in Any Vehicle

- Voice and Visual Alert

- Protects Against Unseen Hazards when Reversing

Manufacturer Specifications

- Main function: reverse parking sensor

- Alarming Volume: 80 db
- Working Current: 165mA
- Working Voltage: 10.6 - 15V
- Detecting Distance: 1.5m - 0.2m
- Voice warning: by 0.1 step
- Voice warning selectable: ON/OFF
- Working Temperature: -40 to +80 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions - Sensor Hole diameter: 22.3mm
- Dimensions - Display: 70mm x 50mm x 19mm
- Dimensions - System Box: 114mm x 95mm x 28mm

Product Notes

- Parking sensor will automatically start when the vehicle is reversing.

- Important Note: This product should only be installed by a professional. Carefully review the product manual before installing and using the parking sensor system to achieve the most satisfying user experience.

Package Contents

- Terminal
- LCD display
- Parking sensor x4
- Car wiring harness
- Hole saw 22.3mm
- Instruction manual - English