Andowl Q9X Gaming Controller

Andowl Q9X Gaming Controller

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This product is a new wireless game controller that is compatible with Switch,PS4,iOS13,Android

No need to load any driver, the handle can be used after pairing with the host.

It adopts Bluetooth wireless communication to connect with the host, which has strong anti-interference ability, free control and stable connection signal.

Ergonomic design and light handle structure make the player feel comfortable, even if you play continuously, you will not feel tired.

This handle supports gyroscope axis function and supports dual motor vibration function,With touch screen, with headphone jack, with speakers.

Key Features & Specifications :

With Touchpad and Headphone Jack

Supports Switch/PS4/iOS13/Android Equipment
Equipped with a gyroscope and acceleration sensor, it can be titled
Support Turbo Function
Wireless receiver 8-10m
Support Double Vibration
Asymmetric motor brings different vibration experience

What's in the box
1 x Controller